We have compiled the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions with the greatest possible care, based on the information that was known to us at the moment of writing. However, ExportVAT cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies in the provided information.

Is there a time limit for reclaiming VAT?

Generally speaking, you must make your claim no later than 6 months from the end of the calendar year in which you incurred the VAT. For example, if you paid the VAT in April 2010 you would have until 30 June 2011 to make your claim. There are exceptions, however. VAT incurred in the Netherlands and Belgium can be reclaimed 5 calendar years after you incurred the VAT.

Which period of time can the VAT reclaim cover?

Your claim must cover any VAT you are reclaiming over a period of at least 3 months but it must not be for more than the full calendar year. It can cover less than 3 months if this is all that remains of the calendar year. You can also include items missed on earlier claims as long as they relate to VAT charged in the year of the claim.

When will the VAT be paid?

The authority responsible for payment must pay your refund within 6 months of receiving satisfactory evidence. However, the reality is that in some countries it will take longer than 6 months before the client receives the refund.

Can my claim be refused?

Yes, but the appropriate authority must tell you why it has been refused. If this happens, we can appeal on your behalf against the decision using the appeals procedure of that Member State.

What proof do I need of the VAT that I paid?

You will need to provide the customs documents and original invoice from the carrier or broker that cleared the shipment through EU customs on your behalf, stating a description of the goods, the date and the amount of VAT remitted.

I need to keep original invoices for my administration. Will you return them to me?

Yes, we need to attach the original documents with the tax reclaim but we will return them to you as soon as possible.

Which IRS forms are required and how do I get them?

VAT can only be reclaimed on transactions between two taxable entities. The U.S. Treasury can provide certification that your company is a taxable entity. We need this certification to apply for the refund on your behalf. We will contact the IRS and will make sure that we get the required documents.

What is a Power of Attorney and why do you need it?

The Power of Attorney provides proof to the tax authority that we are entitled to reclaim the VAT on your behalf.

Who needs to sign the Power of Attorney?

Although the exact requirements for the PoA differ in each country, most tax authorities require that the PoA is signed by a high ranking company official; this can be the President, Member of the Board, CEO or controller or CFO.

How much do you charge?

Our philosophy is to offer a unique and consistent value to our customers by reversing the stream of large, cash expenditures back to our clients’ bottom line and by providing peace of mind by taken away the headache of successfully managing European VAT. In exchange for this, we charge a percentage of the recovered sums. We prefer to build long-term relationships with our clients and offer several contractual options at different percentage rates. Please contact us for more details.