IRS 6166 Form (Certification of Taxable Status)

Foreign tax authorities can only refund VAT on transactions between two taxable entities. Hence, the refund application needs to be accompanied by an IRS document (the 6166 form), providing certification that your company is a taxable entity.

We can apply for the IRS 6166 form on your behalf. Use the form on this page to provide us with the necessary information so we can fill out the necessary IRS forms to apply for the IRS 6166 form.

Please note that there is an IRS flat fee of $35 for the set 6166 documents, regardless of the number of countries. We will advance the fee but will deduct it from your refund.

1) Name of the applicant
Enter the applicant's name and TIN exactly as they appear on the U.S. return filed for the tax period of the refund

2) Applicants TIN
Type the Tax Identification Number

3) Address in the year of the refund
Enter your address for the calendar year of the refund. Do not use a P.O Box of C/O address.

4) Current address, state and ZIP
If you current address is different than the address entered in question 3, specify it here. Otherwise, enter "same". Do not use a P.O Box of C/O address.

5) Type of organization
Pick one type of organization from the list

6a) Were you required to file a US Tax form in the year of the refund?
 Yes No

6b) If so, what form did you file?
Only answer this question if the answer to question 6a was YES

6c) If not, was it because you are a LLC?
Only answer this question if the answer to question 6a was NO
 Yes No

7) NAICS Code(s)
Specify the North American Industry Classification System code(s) that are applicable. These codes can be found on your tax form.

8) Countries
Specify the countries where you want ExportVAT to reclaim VAT. The IRS will send us one 6166 form for every country you list here.