M&M selects ExportVAT as agent for European VAT on Electronic Services

CHICAGO, IL. – July 28, 2011 – Muthen & Muthen, the leading provider of state-of-the-art statistical modeling programs, has selected ExportVAT to help them comply with European VAT VAT on Electronic Services legislation pertaining to software downloads.

Muthen & Muthen is switching from a traditional software delivery model to a more cost effective and user friendly software-download model. Because Muthen & Muthen has clients all over the world, they now need to comply with new and complex European Value Added Tax Legislation: “VAT on Electronic Services”.

This new VAT legislation prescribes that non-European companies who provide electronic services to European clients need to:

  • register for VAT in Europe;
  • collect VAT on their sales to European clients;
  • file quarterly VAT statements and remit the collected VAT taxes to different European tax authorities.

Muthen & Muthen has selected ExportVAT as their agent for all VAT related issues. ExportVAT has assisted Muthen & Muthen in setting up their (automated) sales and billing process so that it supports VAT charges for different countries. ExportVAT will register Muthen & Muthen for VAT in Europe and will manage their quarterly VAT returns.

For more information about European VAT on Electronic Services, see: VAT on Electronic Services.

About Muthen & Muthen

Muthen & Muthen provides provides tools for applied researchers in areas such as economics, education, epidemiology, marketing, medicine, psychiatry, psychology, and sociology, as well as for statisticians.

For more information: see www.statmodel.com

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