VAT Reclaim Process

The VAT Reclaim Process

ExportVAT will manage the entire VAT reclaim process from start to finish for you so you don’t have to worry about:

  • Required IRS documents; that prove you are a taxable entity. We will apply for them on your behalf.
  • Missing invoices and shipping documents; we will review the required documents and work with shippers and carriers to retrieve missing documents.
  • The unique rules and processes for each country; our consultants are intimately familiar with the specific VAT reclaim rules and requirements of each EU country.
  • Changing EU VAT legislation; EU legislation is subject to frequent changes. Our EU office continuously monitors changes in VAT reclaim legislation and adjusts their processes where necessary.
  • Language barriers; VAT reclaim forms need to be filled out in the native language. Personal negotiation with the tax inspector in the native language is almost always mandatory for a successful claim.
  • Time zone differences that make personal communication and negotiation with VAT tax authorities difficult.
  • Timescales and deadlines; failure to file the VAT claim in time will always lead to rejection of that claim. Our system’s automatic triggers and alerts allow us to pro-actively monitor deadlines

Once you engage ExportVAT to reclaim your EU VAT for you, the VAT reclaim process is straightforward and requires minimal work on your side.

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