VAT Recovery Services

Competitive Advantage in International Trade

International trade can get very complicated indeed. Exporters and importers are faced with foreign legal requirements, multiple tax codes and compliance regulations from several US government entities.

A great many cost savings can be achieved by streamlining overseas distribution processes and taking advantage of foreign tax refund opportunities. In addition to this, it is of critical importance to be compliant with domestic and foreign laws and regulations.

Companies that have learned to navigate through this complex environment create an important competitive advantage for themselves. For most organizations it is a near impossible task to become experts in all these fields and keep abreast of all the changes in laws and regulations and to spot every single opportunity to drive cost out of the supply chain.

Expertise in International Shipping and Taxation

ExportVAT provides exceptional and very rare expertise in international shipping and taxation. We offer several services with which you can greatly improve your success in the global arena:

Partner with ExportVAT Recovery Services

Partnering with ExportVAT gives you a competitive edge over you competition (both foreign and domestic):

  • Our first and primary focus is saving you money on VAT and shipping which will immediately improve your bottom line;
  • our VAT recovery services unburdens you from having to manage your European VAT;
  • and our logistic consultancy reviews your imports and exports, as well as your domestic parcel spend, to lower your cost, increase your compliance with government agencies, and streamline your supply chain…

… all on a no cure-no pay basis, and with no intrusion into your operations.