An estimated 20 Billion Euro in unclaimed EU VAT

Value Added Tax (VAT) is complicated: the mechanism for levying VAT is complex and the procedures for reclaiming it are burdensome. This is probably why some people prefer to call it the “Very Annoying Tax.”

To this date, most EU member states do not seem inclined to reduce the complexity of the VAT refund process and there are strong indications that their reluctance to simplify it is directly related to the significant revenue streams are involved. An estimated 20 billion Euros in unclaimed VAT finds its way to the treasuries of the countries of the European Union every single year.

We specialize in European VAT

ExportVAT’s founders are European. We were all born and educated in Europe and have spent the majority of our professional careers there. We understand VAT; we understand how the tax authorities work, and we speak their language.

In this section, we will share our knowledge and educate you on the basics of Value Added Tax. We do this because we are certain that when you know what VAT is about and how to reclaim it, you will recognize the indispensable value that ExportVAT can provide to you.

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